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    In partnership with arts organizations, museums, and non-profits, I co-create and curate a range of interdisciplinary programs that weave together art, design, community, science, and more.


    As an experimental weaver and handwoven loom specialist, I explore traditional and non-traditional materials for new product design collections. As an interdisciplinary artist and community engagement specialist, I collaborate with weavers and community members to manipulate and build looms for functional, sculptural, and innovative applications.

  • Since 2005 I have been engaged with the cultural arts of Uganda - especially barkcloth! Click the link below for more about this work!


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    Since 2005, I have partnered with artists, researchers, and activitists to support the cultural textiles of Uganda. Learn more below.


    Visit BARKCLOTH PROJECTS to see our past work.


    Visit MEKEKA DESIGNS to learn about our bespoke textile studio.


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    I am an interdisciplinary artist, textile consultant, and project developer who partners with local and international organisations on programs spanning curation, education, and textile design. With a background in higher education, I have worked at the intersection of cultural arts and contemporary design practice for over 20 years.

    More recently she worked on a set of projects supported by USAID, the Smithsonian Institution, and Fulbright Specialist program, which took her to locations as diverse as Kuwait, Armenia, Uganda, Kazakhstan, and Ghana.


    My national and international project based work includes the development of community engagement events, curatorial projects, professional trainings, product design, exhibition design, and hands-on workshops. As a former Principal Lecturer of Fibers at the University of North Texas, I worked over a decade developing curricula and teaching textile based courses while leading innovative initiatives including the development of the UNT Natural Dye Garden and partnerships

    with local museums and arts organizations.


    I have shown my artwork nationally and internationally in addition to lecturing at numerous international events and conferences including the Qurain Cultural Festival in Kuwait, European League of the Institute of the Arts, Textile Society of America Symposia, and Creative Dundee.


    Currently she works as Outreach Director for Around the World in 80 Fabrics and consultant for the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage.

    In the artistic field, she puts all of her creative energy into Mekeka Designs, where she works with craft specialists in Uganda to create beautiful loom woven and

    plaited textiles from indigenous fibres including her passion -

    lubugo Ugandan barkcloth.


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    This kit is specifically made for Cara's Color Me Creative

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